Top 8 Acne Myths Busted! And How To Fix Them.

Acne Myths Busted!

Acne is stubborn, a complicated skin issue that most people face in their lives at least once.

If you have acne, you might get some advice on how to get rid of them.

I know! it is very tempting to try anything available out there to zap your zits.

There are many misconceptions about acne floating around the internet. All that misconception makes it extremely difficult to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t get confused

I am here to debunk the myth about acne.

In this post, I am going to talk about

What are the most common acne myths

And how to fix them

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let’s move on

8 Acne Myths Busted! And what to do instead

Acne Myth #1: you need to wash your face more to prevent breakouts

Acne Myth #2: Only teenagers get acne.

Acne Myth #3: “Putting toothpaste can clear a pimple.

Acne Myth #4: Drinking more water cures acne

Acne Myth #5: Patients with acne cann’t use cosmetics.

Acne Myth #6: sunlight improves acne

Acne Myth #7:Eating chocolate and greasy foods cause breakouts

Acne Myth #8: Acne will go away on its own and they don’t need to be treated

Acne Myths #1: You need to wash your face more to prevent breakouts

It’s a myth

Wash your face several times a day won’t cure your acne.

on the contrary, it will dry out your skin resulting make the sebaceous gland more active and increasing its sebum production.

So, it has no doubt that over-washing your face makes your skin more inflamed and makes acne worse.

How to fix them:

Using gentle fragrance-free cleanser no more than twice a day daily.

So that, it doesn’t disrupt the skin’s natural defense barrier.

Acne Myths Busted

Acne Myth #2: Only teenagers get acne.

It’s completely a myth

it is fact that acne develops during puberty and adolescence and most of the time it goes away.

but that doesn’t mean an adult can’t have acne. Adults well into acne in their 20s,30s, and even 50s.

people of all ages and races get acne.

So, it is a complete misconception that if you are an adult you can be free from acne.

Acne Myth #3: Putting toothpaste can clear a pimple.

It’s a myth

The idea behind putting toothpaste on the pimple is completely baseless.

please don’t use toothpaste or other home remedies on your pimples.they are not safer or better options for your skin.

Toothpaste contain some ingredients such as- hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and baking soda that can shrink or dry out your pimples.


Toothpaste has some other substances like fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, and flavoring agents that could irritate your skin and acne worse.

How to fix them:

Instead of household items, opt for an acne targeting product containing  Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

They just not kill the bacteria of your pimple but also heal the swelling and redness.

your skin will thank you in the long run.

Acne Myth #4: Drinking more water cures acne


it is another myth that drinking 6-8 glasses of water cures acne.

According to Dr. Aimee Paik, ” the water you drink has no impact on your skin’s hydration”.

acne is not caused by dirt that can be easily flushed by drinking gallons of water.

No doubt drinking water is best for hydration and for your overall health. And you should not neglect it anyhow.


Somewhat true but not mostly.


although if you have acne you can wear makeup with no guilt.

it sounds so satisfying.

you might be hearing  from your favorite social media influencer that – Don’t wear makeup otherwise your skin can’t able to breathe.

 It’s a  BIG myth.

you can wear any cosmetics you want-But there are certain factors you must first take into account.

the makeup product you wearing should not be acne genic or comedogenic.

Also make sure they don’t contain oil.

Acnegenic, comedogenic and oil based makeup clog your pores and clogged pores always lead to acne.

How to fix them:

use non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, and oil-free cosmetic and make sure your makeup products aren’t acne-causing culprits.

but how can you be so sure that your product don’t clog your pores.

it’s so simple.

just check the foundations’s label.

Don’t trust the products labeled with term like non comedogenic, does not clog pores or won’t clog breakouts.

read the full ingredient list to make sure it doesn’t’ contain anything harm for you.

or check your product on cosDNA.

it is a website that scores the popular product based on their ingredient.

and my advice is to stopping the select product with acne scores of 3s,4s or 5s

Acne Myths Busted

Acne Myth #6: sunlight improves acne

It’s a complicated


sunlight can dry out your pimple, and if your skin is tanned,  acne and redness are less noticeable.

The appearance of acne goes away temporarily.

but in fact, the effect of sunlight does more harm than good on your skin later.

sun can’t kill the P.acne (Propionibacterium acnes) bacteria that is responsible for your acne.

Actually, harmful UV rays can make worse your acne, as well as regular sun exposure, leading to scarring, premature aging, and hyperpigmentation.

so, what is the logic behind the concept of sunlight healing acne?

What to do instead:

use sunscreen which is non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic.

I recommended using mineral sunscreen containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

these types of sunscreen can’t do any harm to sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Acne Myth #7:Eating chocolate, and greasy foods can cause breakouts

It’s a myth

the link between eating chocolate and greasy food and acne has panned out.

you may have been told, “you are, what you eat.”

yes, it is true that our diet can help us with our skin and our overall health condition.

But chocolate is not the culprit for your acne.

according to the study, Chocolate and other greasy foods can’t promote acne.

foods with high glycemic, rich in carbohydrates, and rich in sugar can trigger the inflammatory response in the body- which is known to increase breakout.

Acne Myth #8: Acne will go away on its own and they don’t need to be treated.


Acne is a chronic disease. it doesn’t resolve itself. without proper treatment, acne can last a long time and cause permanent scars and pits.

how to fix them

if you have mild to moderate acne, you can treat them by using spot treatment with Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and adapalene(retinol)

If you are suffering from moderate to severe acne and over-the-counter can’t help you to get rid of them make sure to go to a board-certified dermatologist. please don’t waste your time.

A dermatologist can create an effective plan to treat acne.

If you have any doubt please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Take Love



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